Tilda Physio Terms and Conditions

1 Scope


This agreement applies between Scandinavian Health Providers AB and the buyer, “the customer”, of a subscription of the service “Tilda Physio” and its associated services and / or products in the app “Tilda Physio” provided by Scandinavian Health Providers AB.


In the app Tilda Physio, the customer gets access to training programs in the categories: rehabilitation, preventive training and osteoarthritis. The customer also gets access to the FAQ section where Tilda Physio answers regular questions about rehab training and provides ergonomic tips.


Scandinavian Health Providers AB is not a healthcare provider and no diagnoses are made in the app.

The customer can answer questions regarding her/her current situation when starting a rehab program and construct a profile in the app. The purpose of this is to adjust the level of the exercises when the customer starts his training program.


The customer enters into an agreement with Scandinavian Health Providers AB when purchasing a subscription in the app My Rehab. When purchasing a subscription, the Customer accepts the terms of the agreement.


The terms in the general agreement that apple provides when purchasing apps on the App store is also accepted.

2 General about the app Tilda Physio


Accepting of the agreement requires that the Customer has an account on the AppStore and that the Customer logs in to Tilda Physio.


Scandinavian Health Providers AB is not responsible for any consequences or any damages arising from the use of the app’s content or its instructions. The user should always consult a doctor before beginning a workout program.


In the app, the Customer is encouraged to seek a licensed healthcare professional. If the Customer is not sure of their diagnosis or of symptoms where further examination may be necessary before the Customer starts a rehab program.


By creating an account in the app Tilda Physio, the Customer also accepts that the specified information can be used by the app to optimize the Customer’s exercise program. Tilda Physio uses the available data to create statistics that will increase the effectiveness to customize exercise programs for customers. Customer data will never be visible to other customers in the app.


The training programs in the app My Rehab should be seen as a complement to the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders in the musculoskeletal system and osteoarthritis and should not be equated with a visit to a licensed healthcare professional. The customer is responsible for contacting a licensed healthcare professional when needed for diagnosis.


The exercises in the app are selected and instructed by licensed healthcare professionals.


Rehab program design is done in collaboration with licensed healthcare professionals.


For the use of the My Rehab app, a password login is required. This can be done by email, Google or Facebook.

3 Prices and payment


The customer pays in the app via a subscription that gives the customer access to the entire app’s content. Before the customer pays, an opportunity is given to test the app during a shorter trial period. After said trial period, the Customer must approve a subscription for continued access to the app’s content. The subscription price is visible in connection with approval.


If subscription ends, you have access to the app for the remaining time that you have paid for. Then the app’s content is locked for you again.


Customer certifies that all information that he / she states about himself is correct.


Most features of the app require the purchase of Tilda Physio Premium, which is available as a subscription. The cost of a subscription is shown in the app. You have the opportunity to test the app before you decide whether a subscription is right for you.

If you choose to subscribe to My Rehab Premium then the purchase will be in your iTunes account. The subscription will be automatically renewed if it is not canceled at least 24 hours before it expires and you can manage it from User Preferences in iTunes after you purchase it. You can cancel anytime. If the subscription is renewed, it will be with the same package that you previously purchased.

4 Scandinavian Health Providers AB responsibility


It is no age limit to download the Tilda Physio app or to have a subscription. However, Scandinavian Health Providers AB recommends that users under the age of 18 do not start a subscription without the consent of the custodian. Scandinavian Health Providers AB also recommends that users under the age of 18 should have the consent of the custodian to use a rehab program in the app My Rehab and contact authorized medical staff before use.


Scandinavian Health Providers AB aims to keep My Rehab constantly updated both technologically and from a medical perspective.


Scandinavian Health Providers AB cannot guarantee that the Tilda Physio app will work flawlessly or that errors will be rectified within a specific time frame. Scandinavian Health Providers AB is not responsible for access to the contents of Tilda Physio, technical disturbances or loss of data. Scandinavian Health Providers AB aims to ensure that no technical problems will interfere with the use of the app.


In the case of bugs in the app or other technical problems, this must be reported immediately to Scandinavian Health Providers AB via the app “Settings -> Contact us”. Scandinavian Health Providers AB strives for short waiting time for contact from customers.

5 Customer’s responsibilities and obligations


The customer is responsible for ensuring that no other person uses the Customer’s account in the app.


The customer is responsible for ensuring that materials, data and information from the Tilda Physio app are not disseminated from the Customer’s account.


Links. The user accepts that Scandinavian Health Providers AB sends mail about functions in the service, offers and news (eg reminders, questions, new services and discount offers) until he / she informs Scandinavian Health Providers AB in writing (via mail) that he / she does not want to. receive more emails.

6 Intellectual property rights


Copyright and ownership rights and other rights to the Scandinavian Health Providers AB brand and the app Tilda Physio belong to Scandinavian Health Providers AB.


Documents and texts published in Tilda Physio’s name via social media or website are provided and belong to Scandinavian Health Providers AB.


Scandinavian Health Providers AB service Tilda Physio is intended for the user’s private use. The user undertakes not to use the service for commercial use, in any illegal manner or in any other way that can damage Scandinavian Health Providers AB. The user may not use the service in a manner that disables, overloads or weakens any of the Scandinavian Health Providers AB web pages or other apps. He / she must not use the service to interfere with anyone else’s use of it. Materials provided to the user from Scandinavian Health Providers AB may not be copied, printed, forwarded, printed, displayed, downloaded, published, sold or otherwise distributed or reproduced without written permission from Scandinavian Health Providers AB.

7 Termination


Scandinavian Health Providers AB has the right to terminate the agreement if one considers that the Customer violates the agreement. Upon termination, the Customer’s account is closed and information about the user is removed.


Customer who has been suspended has no right to re-register via a new account.

8 Change of condition


Scandinavian Health Providers AB reserves the right to change the content of the Tilda Physio app according to what you consider most appropriate, eg layout, content or other.

9 Personal data


Scandinavian Health Providers AB aims to protect the user’s personal data.


Protection of personal data. Your personal information refers to the information that can be used to identify you as an individual. The processing of personal data is governed by (according to) the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR.


Scandinavian Health Providers AB complies with the GDPR Act by; keep your personal information up to date (we store your email address, name, facebook ID, data generated by the app, such as active programs and sessions, which views are used), not retain more personal information about you than necessary, protect your personal information against loss, unauthorized access and abuse. Your data is managed and protected by advanced technology.


At any time, the customer may request to have his account deleted, and Scandinavian Health Providers AB will remove all data, including backups within 7 working days.

10 Force Majeure


In the event of war, natural disaster, labor market measures, government decisions and comparable events beyond our control which could not reasonably be foreseen, and affect the agreements entered into and our commitments, which means that we cannot hold the said agreement / commitment, shall form the basis to release us from our obligations to fulfill the said agreement.

11 Choice of law and dispute


On this user agreement Swedish law is applied. Any dispute or dispute in connection with the use of the service shall be decided exclusively by the Swedish court. If the user uses the service from a country other than Sweden, it is under the user’s own responsibility that the service is compatible with that country’s law.

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